What happens when you are assigned to ISS.

Lawson High School uses In School Suspension as a part of its student discipline policy.  A student may beassigned ISS for time periods ranging from a portion of a day to multiple days,and for a wide variety of reasons.  The ISS room is located in Room Number 403 adjacent to the Girls Locker Room and the Athletic Directors office. Student who are assigned to a full day of ISS or the beginning portion ofthe day are to report to Room 403 at the beginning of first hour.  The ISS teacher will report your arrival to the office.  

ISS is designed to be an academic day.  Students are expected to be on task throughout the day. Failure to comply with ISS regulations and policies can result in Out ofSchool Suspension, and a repeat of the ISS day.  Once in ISS the studentwill fill out a schedule that is reflective of their regular class schedule,and complete an assignment that asks them to reflect on the events that causedthem to be in ISS.  They will be given an assignmentfor each class that they are enrolled in.  The assignments will be givenperiod by period by the ISS instructor.  At the conclusion of the day theISS instructor will bring the days assignments to the office where they may beviewed and or picked up by the course instructor or student who completed thework.  

Students assigned ISS will havelunch delivered to them in the ISS room from the cafeteria, including 1 orangejuice or milk.  This comes at the charge of a regular lunch from thecafeteria. Students have the option of bringing there own sack lunch.

Student Accident Insurance

The optional student accident insurance has converted from a paper application to an electronic application process.  All information can be located at the following website:

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