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District Announces July Summer School Session
The Lawson R-XIV school district will hold an in-person summer school session during a three-week period in July.  The summer school offering will begin on Monday July 13th and conclude on Friday July 31st.  All three buildings will take part in the 2020 summer school.  Thank you to those who provided responses to the summer school survey.  These responses were rather valuable and have assisted the District in proposing a plan that will best serve our students and their families.  For example, early considerations were for two distinct sections during the day to reduce the potential for larger classroom settings.  Survey responses indicated that a morning or afternoon half-day summer school offering would be difficult for working parents.

As such, The July summer school session will be a normal ALL-day setting, beginning at 8:30am and concluding at 3:30pm.  Core subjects such as Math, Communication Arts, Science, and Social Studies will be the focus of the morning class periods, with elective studies such as computers, physical education, and art occuring after lunch.  More detailed information will be shared in the near future with regards to enrollment, course selections, credit recovery, etc.  

The District will continue to remain advised of guidance provided by both the Clay County Public Health Center and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  Clay County's Public Health Center continues to provides updates to the steps contained in the COVID-19 Recovery Phase 2: Reopening and the District may still be required to adjust these plans for summer school.   DESE's guidance provides flexibility to districts, but does stipulate that Summer School learning have content equivalent to the same course offered during the regular term and has assessments that provide evidence of learning aligned to expectations. 

As for our approach, it is the intent of the 2020 Lawson R-XIV Summer School to provide an in-person program of study that will review key content and skills taught in the prior school year to ensure that our students are ready to begin the next grade or course when the 2020-21 school year starts in August.    

For enrollment forms, click HERE!