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2020 Summer School Information

The Lawson School District will continue to hold a Summer School session for the 2019-20 school year.  After receiving input from parents and teachers in the district the date has been moved to July.  The offerings for students will be constructed to provide a “jumpstart” for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Students entering K-4th grades this fall will attend at Southwest Elementary. Morning times will be self contained with a teacher. Classes in the afternoon will include Art, Computers, Library, and many more! 

Lawson Middle School’s schedule will look similar to the regular school day. The morning will have students rotate through core classes as well as special courses including Cooking. Then in the afternoon classes will primarily be electives such as Sewing, Novels, and Mural Painting.  

High School Credit Recovery will begin on Monday, June 8th. In the past, credit recovery classes have been separate from those taken during the normal school year. However, with our mandated remote learning program we used for the 4th quarter we plan to use the summer school classes as a continuation of the quarter/semester we just completed. Therefore, each student that completes a summer school credit recovery class will be able to raise their semester 2 grade. Students eligible for credit recovery will be contacted by Mr. Harrold.

Click here for enrollment forms: Southwest Enrollment Form or Middle School Enrollment Form 
Completed forms can be mailed in or emailed to one of Summer School Directors.  

Southwest Elementary - Attention: Christina Cross, 307 W Moss. St., Lawson, MO 64062 crossc@lawsoncardinals.org

Lawson Middle School - Attention: Daniel Petet, 602 Bob Gill Drive, Lawson, MO 64062 petetd@lawsoncardinals.org