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DESE/DHSS Issue School Reopening Guidance, Lawson R-XIV Updates Return to School Plan
July 12, 2020
After releasing our Return to School plan on Thursday, July 9, the Dept of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and DESE released a reopening guidance document (click HERE to see document) with answers to FAQ's included.  As we know that our plan will continually be updated, we have updated our Return to School Plan (Click HERE to see LR14's Return to School Plan) to include information from the DHSS/DESE document as well as a reference to that complete document.  It is very good information and has made our plan better.  The biggest takeaway is the recommendation on face coverings for staff:  

Should K-12 staff members wear face coverings? It is recommended that school leaders require school staff members to wear face coverings, as the data indicates COVID-19 transmission is more likely from adult to student, than from student to adult. Face coverings should be worn by staff members at all times when they are in close proximity to students or other staff members. In lecture formats, where the teacher is stationary and appropriately physically distanced from students, face coverings may not be necessary.  

Therefore, beginning with Summer School and until further notice, Lawson R-XIV's staff will wear masks when in close proximity with students.