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School Board Amends Current Year School Calendar
Last Day Now Friday, May 21st
At the monthly school board meeting on Monday April 19th, the Board of Education approved an amended calendar for the current 2020-21 school year which moves the Last Day of School up one day to Friday, May 21st.  The last day of school will also include an early dismissal at 1:00pm.   

Current statute requires a school district to schedule thirty-six (36) hours of planned make-up in addition to the regular school year hours when approving a school year calendar.  As originally approved by the Board, the 2020-2021 calendar was to end on Monday, May 24th, which included the required 36 hours of make-up.  To date this year, the District had four snow days using only a portion of the required 36 hours allotted for make-up. Since the hours of make-up scheduled for the Monday are not required, the Board approved the recommendation to end school on the prior Friday.  Lunch will be served on the final day of school before dismissal at 1:00pm to conclude the school year.