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Food Shortages are Affecting District Meals

September 1, 2021



Dear Lawson R-XIV Students, Staff, and Parents:


Lawson R-XIV is being affected with shortages of food and food supplies. Manufacturers and distributors are facing not only a lack of workers, but also increased COVID cases causing mass quarantines. Unfortunately, some of Opaa!'s manufacturers (such as Tyson) and distributors (such as Kohl's and Ben E. Keith) are facing some of these same issues, and they are facing delayed or canceled trucks, which impacts what food they have on hand.

Opaa! has worked tirelessly to stay ahead of these issues by ordering additional food and supply products over the summer months, which has helped, but driver shortages have increased recently to the point that they are now facing food distribution shortages in many of their districts.

To combat this, Opaa! is working to source additional distributors to deliver to our district. Food service directors are working to make menu changes to utilize the food that we already have in district and based on delivery schedules, and are purchasing some additional items from local grocery stores as needed.

As Oppa! works through this distribution shortage, I want to assure you that Opaa! will still continue to provide meals for the students in our district. They will be reducing the number of entrée choices on our menus in order to source the appropriate food and might need to make menu substitutions based on when and what trucks deliver, however please be confident that they will still provide meals to each of our students. Opaa! will utilize the Nutrislice app to update menus based on current availability so that parents, students, teachers, nurses, and administration know what will be served in the district.

Roger Schmitz

Author: C.Cross   E-Mail: Crossc@lawsoncardinals.org