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Lawson School Board Operating Levy Survey
Dear Patrons of our Cardinal Community,

The Lawson R-XIV School District is considering proposing an 87-cent operating levy increase for the April 2022 election, which would cost residential property owners an increase about $165 annually for each $100,000 dollars of appraised value of residential real property, generating $725,000 in increased revenue for the District.  The new revenue will be used for salaries to attract & retain quality staff and offset state revenue shortfalls which have resulted in deficit spending.  The current operating levy is $2.8708, the lowest in the region and just twelve cents above the state minimum. If passed the resulting operating levy would be $3.7408 and the total levy (with debt service) would be $4.6908.  Please answer the questions in the survey to provide valuable feedback for the Board of Education.

Here is the link to complete the survey.  Please copy and paste it into your internet browser. 

Roger A. Schmitz
Superintendent of Schools