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Construction Update: Safe Storm Shelter
The construction of the Safe Storm Shelter at the High School/Middle School is about to enter an exciting new phase.  Beginning on Monday, December 2nd, the precast walls and roof sections will begin delivery and installation.  The erection of these precast pieces should take approximately two weeks to complete.  During this time there will be a few interruptions to the normal operations of the school buildings.  This phase is quite an undertaking as evidenced by the size of the crane now in place in the footprint of the building.  All safety precautions, as supplied and directed by the construction company, will be strictly enforced during this phase of precast delivery and installation.  

The first interruption will be that the Bob Gill Rd. exit from the HS/MS campus will be reduced to one lane and will yield to incoming precast deliveries.  Bob Gill Rd. will actually be utilized for the entrance of the precast tractor-trailer deliveries. This is to provide an entry path that demands small turn angles.  While the wall sections will fit on regular semi trailers, the roof sections are ninety-seven (97) feet in length and hauled on 90' trailers.  Thus, the deliveries will enter through the Bob Gill Rd. access and proceed through the baseball parking lot to Education Dr. to make their way to the construction area behind the HS/MS.  Parking in the baseball parking lot will not be allowed during the business day from December 2nd to December 13th.  

The delivery schedule is predicated by the arrival of the pre-cast sections.  Approximately 9 to 11 sections (walls & roof sections included) will be erected on a daily basis.  There will never be more than two tractor trailers on the property at one time.  The deliveries will travel to the softball parking lot and then back into the construction area for off-loading.  When the first trailer is empty and leaving the property the second trailer will then back into position.  The third trailer, possibly staging at the former Community Auto building on Hwy 69, will then proceed to the HS/MS campus for delivery.  

*IMPORTANT*  Please regard:
The second major interruption is that with such large delivery trailers, the District is asking that parents do NOT position park for end-of-day pickup on Education Dr.  Deliveries may continue until 4pm each working day.  If you need to arrive early to pick up your student, as quite a few do, please proceed to the either the lower loop parking lot in front of the HS/MS or to the parking lot on the east side of the MS.  Once the buses depart from the buildings (at approximately 3:01), parental car pickups can then proceed through the upper loop as normal.    

As we progress through this critical stage, the District will provide progress updates should the construction schedule complete early or be delayed due to factors such as weather, etc.  Thank you for your cooperation.