Athletic News

This past Saturday, the Cross Country team competed in the Class 3 District meet. The top 30 individuals from this meet and the top 4 scoring teams qualified for the state meet. Congratulations to Max Stephan and Jocelyn Calvert on qualifying individually for the Class 3 State meet. Overall both the men's and women's teams ended their seasons on a high note. Saturday's race was the best display of competitive racing from these athletes all season. Every opportunity to advance in place was taken, and although we did not have as many PRs as in previous meets, this race is all about team scoring and the place you finish. The runners fought to the finish, and I could not be more proud of their performances.

For those who did not advance to state, this was the end of our season. We had another outstanding season this year, with our young team continuing to make drastic improvements as they continued to learn this unique and challenging sport. Coach Nehlsen said,

 "Both the men's and the women's teams have been a pleasure to coach. Team captains Max Stephan and Hunter Thompson lead with a positive attitude each and every day, and brought great energy, support, and laughs to the team. Their great leadership has had an impact on both teams, but especially the men's team. The boys have been such a fun , and hard working group to coach, and the impact of their team captains is a direct result of this. I look forward to watching them continue to improve next season along with the women's team." 

Congratulations to all on a great season full of PRs and progress!  

Times and places for those who ran Saturday are listed below.

Jocelyn Calvert- 21:21, 5th- State Qualifier
Lily Ripley- 23:49, 34th
Johanne Hansen- 24:08, 41st
-Not enough runners to score as a team-