Attendance Matters


Too many absences - excused or unexcused- can keep students from succeeding in school and life.  Missing 10% of the school year can negatively impact a student's academic performance enough to knock them off track.  That is roughly 18 days a year or 2 days a month.  Research shows that attendance is an essential factor in student achievement. Therefore it is the goal of the Lawson School District to have student attendance at 95% or higher to help better ensure the district can provide the best learning opportunities for every student.  

Students with chronic absenteeism in…

  • Elementary School often have delays in reading levels and math skills

  • Middle School struggle to obtain fundamental skills required to understand material in proceeding courses

  • High School tend to get off track for graduation and/or drop out.

Many parents are unaware of how quickly absences can add up.  To help keep parents and students informed on the current attendance rates of students, the Lawson School District will send out attendance reports periodically for all students enrolled in the district - starting second semester.  

After the unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic, the Lawson School District strives to return to normalcy and has reinstated attendance incentive programs at each building.  The district wants to bring the focus back to the importance of attendance and stress to our families that it is a continued priority due to its implications for the education of our students.   Together - students, parents, school, and community - we can work to give our children the best opportunity for success.